Global Benefit Management - Centralized coordination of foreign subsidiaries' Employee Benefits

Profion coordinates the Employee Benefit schemes of all your subsidiaries - nationally as well as internationally

Up until recently, many multinational companies had their subsidiaries decide themselves locally on the design as well as the financial affairs of their benefit schemes. In doing so, the parent company exercised only minimum control and rarely asked for insight into existing arrangements.

Multinational benefits are to be adequate, sustainable and financially viable. Therefore, the supervision of international Employee Benefit schemes is becoming more and more important for German parent companies. In addition, the concerns over the development of current costs and the effects of international benefit schemes on balance sheet, rating and liquidity grow.

The current costs may be reduced by means of an effective global benefit management with the advantages being:

  • More favorable premiums through global exertion of influence on insurer.
  • Pooling arrangements may be extended and adapted in accordance with the respective corporate strategy.
  • Consulting fee and broker commissions will turn out to be lower and through outsourcing the benefit administration, the corporate group will internally save costs.
  • A current state of knowledge of changes in legislation and framework requirements at the foreign subsidiaries' locations guarantees compliance.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Company pension schemes designed to provide benefits for retirement and protection against the risks of occupational disability and death, which are of benefit for both sides - employers as well as employees.
  • Surveys of possibly existing liability or funding risks out of international benefit schemes of foreign subsidiaries.
  • Indication of savings capacities.
  • Executive summary and comparison of the international benefit schemes of the respective subsidiaries.
  • Integrated assessment of the actual local status in its context of national social security systems and market conditions.
  • Basis for development of a global Employee Benefit strategy established through enhanced comprehension of local stipulations and requirements.

Benefit Survey and Optimization

Together with its international partners, Profion is at any time in a position to analyze and define comprehensibly the benefit schemes of companies' foreign subsidiaries in almost all countries worldwide. Our many years of experience in the design and administration of international benefit schemes as well as essential, active global networking with a multitude of independent Employee Benefit consultants put us in a position to adequately assess existing benefit programs acc. to their country-specific particularities. We are capable of accurately considering present local regulatory frameworks and market conditions and, thus, in the end will provide the German parent company with definite indications and recommendations on need for action and potential for optimization. By means of our detailed analysis and comparative overview of all foreign subsidiaries, the parent company may decide, if and if so, in which subsidiaries the Employee Benefit costs or benefits deviate severely, in the local context as well as in international comparison. On this basis, we develop a global strategy for you with regard to the design and funding of international benefit plans, for projection and future cost controlling, for the determination of cost reduction potentials and the ensuring of worldwide consistency of financial accounting information.

Multinational Pooling and flexible solutions for internationally mobile staff

We develop targeted expatriate or TCN schemes for your internationally mobile staff, audit existing pooling arrangements in relation to efficiency and correctness and act as contact for all requests on international Employee Benefit topics. Many multinational companies are not aware of their advantageous negotiating position towards insurer's networks. We show you how to play your trump cards and achieve excellent effects for you and your employees thanks to multinational pooling.

M&A consulting and support in due diligence reviews

In case of M&A transactions, a company's value is to be determined. This also includes the valuation of all costs and risks in the personnel area, like, for example, the existing benefit plans and fringe benefits.

Profion supports companies in the Employee Benefits due diligence and identification of costs, risks and liabilities. We have years of experience in the implementation and management of benefit schemes and fringe benefits and assist in the course of a company transaction in the analysis and valuation of your benefits and, in case of merging two corporate cultures, in the harmonization of both cultures' benefits. Together with our network partners, we provide our clients with a full service portfolio.

Profion - Specialized in company pension schemes

Profion GmbH's consulting on the design and funding of suitable benefit plans for the employees of your German or international subsidiaries is authentic, competent and comprehensible.