Since 2000, Jürgen Kropp has been Profion GmbH's managing partner in Munich. At that time, the company was still known as Dr. Lutz Beratungsinstitut für Altersversorgung GmbH. However, due to the continuously increasing international business, in March 2004, the company's name was changed to Profion GmbH.

Jürgen Kropp has more than 25 years of experience in the Employee Benefit business and is a member of various circles of experts for company pension schemes. He started his career in the department for Employee Benefits, taxes and pooling of Münchner Leben (founding member of the MIA Pooling network), where he worked from 1982 until 1985.

1985 is the year that indicates the beginning of his 15 years with Jauch & Hübener Consulting (today Aon Hewitt Consulting Deutschland GmbH) as Managing Consultant with responsibility for their office in Munich. In addition, he was their permanent representative in the former UNISON network.

In the year 2000, he decided to make another career move and joined the Employee Benefit consultancy, Profion GmbH, as managing partner. Within the last years, Profion has continuously extended and enhanced its contacts with worldwide operating companies and business partners and in the meantime is a well-established specialist in the international Employee Benefit consulting business.

Jürgen Kropp contributed and shared his professional expertise at a multitude of international conferences:

2006 Conference, Las Vegas
"Country Report Employee Benefits Germany"

2007 IEBA Conference, Brussels
"Creativity and Pragmatism - Is that possible in the German EB landscape?"

2008 IBIS Conference, Dublin
"Germany is on the move – amazingly also in the area of EB"

2009 NOVARTIS European C&B Managers Meeting, Basel
"Workshop: Innovation in communicating Benefit Plans throughout Europe"

2010 Globex International Group Partner Broker Conference, New York
"Employee Benefits Germany - News, Trends, Developments"

2011 3HR plc Asia Meeting, London
"Supplemental Employee Benefits in Germany for subsidiaries/branch offices of Japanese, Korean or Chinese Multinationals. What’s common and what’s not."

2012 IBIS Conference, Edinburgh
"What's Happening in Germany with regard to EB?"

2013 Client Presentations in Houston, Texas
"Coming from America? HR Tips for US Multinationals Moving to Germany"

2014 Webinar with the Arlen Group, San Francisco
"Employee Benefits in Germany"

2015 ASINTA Conference, Paris
"EB plans for small Germany subsidiaries of foreign multinationals - What do they look like?"